Anton Kaes

Anton Kaes

Anton Kaes

Professor für Filmwissenschaft

University of California Berkeley


Juni 2013 – August 2013

Juli 2014


My current research focuses on the emergence of cinema and its consequences for virtually all areas of social and cultural life. How did the technical medium of film challenge traditional conceptions of time, space, corporeality, sensory perception, and experience? How did film redraw the boundaries between private and public spheres; past and present; fiction and reality? How did film influence attitudes towards gender, politics, and popular culture? What kind of knowledge does film produce? My claim is that today’s debates about the rise of digital media shed new light on the beginnings of cinema and film.


  • Weimar culture and contemporary literature and film
  • literary theory and theory of cultural studies
  • exile, migration and multiculturalism
  • film history and film theory


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Anton Kaes

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