Anna Marazuela Kim

Dr. Anna Marazuela Kim

Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London


September 2016 – Dezember 2016


Reforming the Image: Idols and Iconoclasm in Early Modern Europe

How might Renaissance artworks, in their mediality and materiality, stage critical processes we associate with modernity? The book I am writing aims to contribute a new view of the multiple reformations that shaped European modernity, beyond the Protestant North. Focusing on statues and sculptures and depiction across media, it re-interprets sixteenth-century images as reflexive sites of inquiry regarding intersecting idolatries in religion and art. In their staging of internalized forms of critique, I argue, these early artworks forecast an iconoclastic criticality we associate with the Enlightenment and European modernity: the smashing of the idols of the mind. Within the context of the research group, I am pursuing the idea of sculpture as epistemological structure, with Michelangelo’s Rondanini pietà as exemplar.


  • Early Modern art in Italy; intersections of art and cult
  • Image theories, ethics and aesthetics
  • Art and conflict / terrorism
  • Art, cities and civic agency


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‘Overwriting the city: graffiti, crisis politics, and the image of Athens,’ in Defence Strategic Communications, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (Fall 2017)


Dr. Anna Marazuela Kim

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