Lina Maria Stahl

Dr. des. Lina Maria Stahl



Lina Maria Stahl studied Biology, Physics, Film and Media Studies in Berlin and Potsdam. 2006: diploma in Biology (Freie Universität Berlin). 2010: MA in Media Studies (Potsdam University). 2011-2014 PHD researcher at the DFG Research Training Centre Visibility and Visualization – Hybrid Forms of Pictorial Knowledge at Potsdam University. 2013 visiting researcher at Sorbonne Nouvelle/Paris 3. 2014-2016 research assistant at the Department of Media Studies at Bayreuth University. 2016: PhD awarded by the Institute of Arts and Media at Potsdam University (dissertation on the relationship of life and life sciences exemplified by microscopic imaging). Since November 2016 postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies BildEvidenz.

Research Interests

  • Image and media theory (with a focus on drawings, photography and digital images)
  • Visual epistomology
  • History and theory of science/Science and technology studies
  • Strategies, practices and techniques of visualization in art and science


Erkenntnis qua Kontrast, oder: die Entdeckung des Syphiliserregers, in: Fliescher/Goppelsröder/Mersch (eds.), Sichtbarmachen. Praktiken Visuellen Denkens. Diaphanes: Zürich-Berlin; forthcoming.

Epistemologie: Bilder als Wissen, in: Günzel/Mersch (eds.), Bild. Ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch. Metzler: Stuttgart 2014, pp. 125-130  (together with A. Buchholz).

Zell-Modelle und Modell-Zelle. Mikroskopische Bildgebung als Vorgang der Modellierung, in: Archiv für Mediengeschichte 14 (2014), pp. 47-55.

Umreißen. Eigenwege der Zeichnung. Diaphanes: Zürich-Berlin 2014 (eds. together with M. Fliescher und E. Vogman).





Lina Maria Stahl

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