Markus Klammer


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Prof. Dr. Markus Klammer

Schaulager-Professor of Art Theory
Co-Director, eikones NFS Bildkritik
University of Basel

In Residence

February – May 2017

Research Project

The project investigates the status of artistic work under the conditions of highly developed technical production. Starting from Bertolt Brecht’s dictum that the real structures of power and production cannot be seen in a photograph of a factory, during my stay in Berlin I will investigate the visual evidence of late capitalist conditions of production and the residues of manufacturing processes related to the body in contemporary art. On the one hand the project assumes a genealogical perspective; on the other hand, it is dedicated to a series of paradigmatic case studies. Building on a general and historical foundation of the relationship between art and technology, it concentrates on their reconfiguration in late modern and contemporary art, which takes places under technological conditions and is informed by a confrontation with automated and scientifically-supported manufacturing processes on an industrial scale. Detailed investigations are dedicated to the relationship of film and painting, and to the work of Charles Ray, Seth Price, Mathias Poledna and Klaus Mosettig.

Research Interests

  • Art Theory and Aesthetics
  • Image Theory
  • Art and Technology


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Markus Klammer

Center for Advanced Studies BildEvidenz

Arnimallee 10
14195 Berlin