Joost Keizer

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Joost Keizer

Assistant Professor, Art History
Yale University, New Haven

In Residence

June 2012 – August 2012

Research Project

Piero’s Realism

Book project about the art of the Italian painter Piero della Francesca (ca. 1415 – 1492). It considers the remarkable systematicity of Piero’s approach to depiction, which is perhaps best visible in his almost obsessive occupation with perspective. This routine-like approach to the imitation of the phenomenal world served to cultivate the illusion that his art depicted that world unmediated, as if Piero did not have a personal style. Further it discusses the possibility that Piero’s authorship did not so much index his authorship by his style but by realistically depicted traces of his lifeworld, such as portraits, landscapes and town views. Piero’s realism did not just depict the world but a world.

Research Interests

  • Italian Renaissance art from 1300 to 1550
  • Art and politics
  • The problem of allegory
  • Renaissance theories of artistic authorship
  • The moment of 1500


Leonardo and Allegory, Oxford Art Journal (forthcoming).

Michelangelo, Drawing and the Subject of Art, in: The Art Bulletin, 93, September 2011,  p. 304-24.

The Transformation of Vernacular Expression in Early Modern Arts, Joost Keizer and Todd M. Richardson (eds.), Leiden and Boston: Brill 2011.

Michelangelo Out of Focus. Medievalism as Absent Life in Italian Renaissance Art, in: Early Modern Medievalisms. The Interplay between Scholarly Reflection and Artistic Production, Alicia Montoya, Wim van Anrooij, and Sophie van Romburgh (eds.), Leiden: Brill 2010, p. 391-425.


Joost Keizer

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