Eva Geulen

Eva Geulen

Eva Geulen

Professor of German Literature
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

In Residence

October 2013 – March 2014

Research Project

Self-Reflection of Words and Images: Is There Such a Thing?

Words and images supposedly reflecting (presenting, thematizing) themselves (their mediality and materiality, their existence, their Evidenz) are generally held in high esteem and deemed worthy of scholarly study. The category of self-reflection (Hegel), with its roots in the philosophy of consciousness, enjoys great popularity and comes into play in the academic study of both art and literature. However, the premises of self-reflection, its functions and implications in those disciplines have received little reflection. Purpose of the proposed research is to subject the idea of self-reflection to critical scrutiny.

Research Interests

  • The discourse of education around 1900
  • Goethe’s morphology and its reception in the twentieth century
  • Literary theory


Special issue of the Zeitschrift für deutsche Philologie. Grenzen im Raum – Grenzen in der Literatur, Eva Geulen and Stephan Kraft (eds.), vol. 129, Berlin: Erich Schmidt 2010.

Giorgio Agamben zur Einführung, Hamburg: Junius 2009.

Jenseits von Utopie und Entlarvung. Erziehungsdiskurse in kulturwissenschaftlicher Sicht, Eva Geulen and Nicolas Pethes (eds.), Freiburg: Rombach Verlag 2007.

The End of Art. Readings in a Rumor after Hegel, Stanford California: Stanford University Press 2006.

Das Ende der Kunst. Lesarten eines Gerüchts nach Hegel, Frankfurt a. M.: Suhrkamp 2002.


Eva Geulen

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