Theresa Jeroch


Rechtes Rundbogenrelief der Halberstädter Nordquerhausfassade (Detail), Foto: Theresa Jeroch.

Theresa Jeroch


Research Project

Mediality and visual evidence of late medieval facades. The north transept front of the Halberstadt cathedral.

The north transept facade of the Halberstadt cathedral dates back to about 1440 and is composed of framed and unframed images, which are clearly – architectural, figurative and by miscellaneous modes of narrative – distinct from one another. It appears safe to assume that the nuanced expression was conducive to impart various lessons and in each case aimed at another perceptional behavior. Based on that it can be presumed that different medialities should generate different evidences, that therefore credibility was caused not only by demonstrating legitimising structures and an alleged testimony of events related to salvific history, but also through formal aesthetic quality. This PhD thesis endeavours to investigate the communicative configurations of these and other transept facades considering their special setting – the portal as a threshold between outside and inside, between secular  and sacred space, where the pictorial reflection on liturgy and iconic status meets actually proceeding religious dramaturgy and practice.



2006-2009 bachelor in business administration in Magdeburg. 2009-2015 studies of art history and history in Leipzig and at Freie Universität Berlin. 2012 internship at the GRASSI-Museum Leipzig, textile department. Bachelor thesis on the Johannesminne. Master’s thesis on St Peter‘s Portal of Cologne Cathedral. Since July 2016 pre-doctoral research fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies BildEvidenz. The PhD project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Christian Freigang.

Research Interests

  • The history of imagery, sculpture, and architecture in the Middle Ages
  • Images in liminal spaces and liminal spaces in images
  • Christian iconography




Theresa Jeroch

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